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About Pasadena Gardens

Our intent is to acquire more information about the original Busch Gardens and to get a better understanding of the many other gardens in the community from that era.

Who We Are...

Gary Cowles lives near the Arroyo; the southeast corner of the Lower Gardens is about 100 yards from his front gate. Michael Logan, like Gary, a relative new-comer to Pasadena, became fascinated with the Gardens about the same time and chanced to meet in the archives of the Pasadena Museum of History. More catalytic than symbiotic, the two researchers made enormous gains by pooling their efforts and sharing their findings. Where Michael excelled at reconstructing the “skeleton” or design of the physical Gardens, Gary spent much time adding the “flesh” or the historical underpinnings of the Gardens. Capitalizing on each others strengths has made for a more rounded account than what might be achieved by only one viewpoint. Michael Cecilia is the website designer, cheerleader, and devil’s advocate who has been equally “bitten and smitten” by the Busch Garden “bug”.