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Adolphus Busch

"No fair minded, young or old, ever left the Pasadena Busch Gardens without a sense of uplift and a feeling of profound gratitude to the one who gave opportunity for the experience."

-- Pasadena Daily News 10-21-1913, P.l

Adolphus Busch

Adolphus: A man with a vision-

Busch entrusted his dream garden to E. H. Lockwood who in turn extended that trust in hiring Robert Gordon Fraser as the designer and superintendent. Both were given considerable latitude but not carte blanche; Mr. Busch was never short on ideas. He also demanded full accountability for monies spent. In later years he involved himself even more in the creative process and would spend more time each winter in Pasadena. He bought empty lots along South Orange Grove avenue and converted these “eyesores” into attractive sites. He lobbied for an art museum and park at the western entrance to Pasadena and was instrumental in securing the government funds to build the beautiful post office on Colorado Street. With optimism he bought property in downtown Los Angeles for future hotels and beer warehouse sites. Likewise in Ocean Park and Santa Monica, he invested in prime property. His enthusiasm for Southern California and Pasadena had no limits.