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The Annex

"I long to return to God’s most beautiful country, the Pacific Coast... I had more vigor... and I really believe that my annual visits to Pasadena... will prolong my life 75 years, so that I will reach the 150 mark;... What is the use of longing for a heaven above, when there is one on earth."

-- Adolphus Busch letter 5-06-1905 to Fred Tillmann

More Property...

Built in 1891 as one of the largest homes in California and contained almost 24,000 square feet. It was built for Prof. Thaddeus Lowe, and met a premature demise by being razed in 1928.

The parcel was a bit over 11 acres, it had its own deer park and gardens. In 1904, the property was acquired by the Blossom family of New York who modified the house and grounds. Adolphus Busch bought the property in 1910 and incorporated a portion of it into the original gardens. It was the site of the Busch’s lavish 50th wedding anniversary and served as additional accommodations for the numerous Busch clans. The Busch estate sold it to John G. Shedd, president of Marshall Field of Chicago, in 1917 who, again, modified the grounds to include a Japanese tea house, rock-lined pools, and faux bucolic features created by Robert Gordon Fraser.