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Robert Fraser

"I am sure Mr. Frazier [sic] is the right man to do this work if he laid out the grounds for Mr. Sprague of Chicago and Mr. Moore; if he satisfied them, he can satisfy me also,..."

-- Adolphus Busch letter to E. H. Lockwood, 5-12-1904

Robert Gordon Fraser

Fraser: The Garden's Architect-

Robert Gordon Fraser was from Aberdeenshire, Scotland and came to the U.S. circa 1885 with his wife, Alice. He graduated from the University of Edinburgh with two additional years studying at the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens. Settling in Pasadena in 1886 he started up a nursery in Los Angeles and at some point began his landscaping career with a number of commissions on the hillsides of South Pasadena and southwest Pasadena. Besides the Busch Gardens he was the designer of Hewes Park in Orange County and his name was linked to the prominent residences of L. H. Moore, Hulett C. Merritt, Albert Sherman Hoyt, Freeman Ford, Walter Ladd, M. C. Armour, E. J. Marshall and John G. Shedd. His name was also associated with the now famous R. R. Blacker residence - the masterpiece of architects Greene & Greene. Fraser also was deeply involved in Mr. Busch’s Orange County citrus ranch of 38 acres and directed the two, large citrus growing areas in the Upper Gardens. The Frasers were provided a cottage in the Upper Gardens from 1912 to 1927 adjacent to green houses where Robert G. could carry on his experiments with hybrids.