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Lilly Busch

"I am delighted to return to Southern California... I know that I shall have a happy season here."

-- Lilly Busch, Los Angeles Times 12-31-1918

Lilly Busch

Lilly: Lady Bountiful-

Elisa Anheuser married Adolphus Busch in a double ceremony on March 7th, 1861; her sister, Anna, married Adolphus’ brother, Ulrich. Lilly bore 13 children and their love for children, in general, manifested itself in support of orphanages and care for the crippled, little ones. She was nicknamed “Lady Bountiful” in St. Louis as she would have a servant canvas a wide swath of the neighborhood to find out who was ailing or in need. The mansion at One Busch Place would be opened to all on Saturday and they would be provided for in coin or cloth or coal. Lilly adored birds especially her peacocks and the parakeets that would feed on seeds between her lips. World War I was a difficult time for her with two daughters married to German nationals yet she was still loyal to her adopted country. In 1920 admission was charged for entry into the Busch Gardens with the proceeds to help the Pasadena Hospital. In 1921 the Lilly Busch Veterans Relief Fund was the beneficiary of the gate receipts; Lilly paid for all maintenance out of her own purse.