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The People

"I shall endeavor to leave here the beginning of February, and am looking forward to a very delightful time and rest, which I cannot get anywhere else but in beautiful Pasadena."

-- Adolphus Busch letter 12-20-1905 to Ernest H. Lockwood, Pasadena, Calif.

The Undertaking...

Altering and stabilizing the fragile hillsides with terracing and proper drainage was a major undertaking. Much stone masonry was employed to create pathways and stairways which served as supporting terraces with the odd stone bench to make the total attractive. Water was supplied from a half mile away which was then routed to the various water features in the garden. Protective walls to handle the seasonal rains/floods had to be constructed on both sides of the Arroyo Seco riverbed to protect the gardens. It took a large crew of laborers to create all the elements of the garden and a sizeable staff to maintain the gardens over the years.