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Scoville Dam

"Whenever the people of this place buckle down to work and give up idling all summer waiting to be helped out of a hole by eastern tourists in winter, then we will have a live town."

-- James W. Scoville, LAT 12-18-1889, “A Pasadena Park”

Flood Control...

Efforts at controlling and conserving the seasonal torrents were the many dams built and rebuilt by James Scoville, wealthy newcomer from Illinois. He was V-P of Elgin Watch Co., President of the Prairie State Bank, and and early trustee of what is now Caltech. Further upstream was the Devil’s Gate Dam - a very modest and inadequate structure. The only other flood control structures were those of Adolphus Busch - south of Scoville’s. Scoville Park was listed as a tourist attraction and hundreds visited in 1894.